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Venom - Predator

The nemesis of Spiderman, Eddie Brock, before dying gifted the predators with his symbiote. Now the new Venom – Predator is in charge of finding and killing the xenomorph that was born out of Spiderman.

The Symbiotes (originally known as the Klyntar) are a race of amorphous extraterrestrial parasites. Symbiotes envelop their hosts like costumes, creating a symbiotic bond through which the host's mind can be influenced.

Red Predator vs American Alien

Captain America (Steve Rodgers) was on the front lines in the war against SHIELD’s xenomorph army. As with almost all the Avengers he was defeated and the drone that was born from him was a grotesque perversion of all Steve Rogers stood for. The alien has enhanced reflexes and durability (even for a xenomorph) and so the Predators used the “Super solder serum” (That helped create Captain America) on one of their own: although scarred with a skull-like head the Red Predator is the perfect hunter ready to face the enhanced drone.

Loki as Predator vs Thor-Alien
Marvel vs Aliens vs Predator

After becoming aware of a species of extra-terrestrial visiting the earth to hunt humans seemingly for sport, SHIELD and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation started a program of weaponizing the xenomorph, an alien biological killing machine, to be used as a primary defence against all extra- and terrestrial threats.

The first agent of SHIELD that was sacrificed was one of its greatest: Natasha Romanova, also known as the “The Black Widow”. After finding a xenomorph egg and subsequently being infected, she gave birth to the Queen. The Queen grew quickly and continued the Alien lifecycle by laying eggs.

  The fachuggers that came from the eggs were attached to humans including some with superhuman abilities. The first generation of Xenomorph drones showed that they inherited the D.N.A. and superpowers of their hosts.

Naturally, the heroes of Earth fought to stop this insane project, one by one the greatest of the meta-humans fell and became hosts to a new generation of super powered Aliens with which SHIELD and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation took control of the whole world, ruling by martial law.

All the superheroes are gone, even the gods were used as living incubators for the hellish spawn of the xenomorph under the control of SHIELD.

Loki, the brother of the dead god Thor, realized that the only hope for Earth could be found with the same species of extraterrestrial the "xenomorph program" was created to defend against; the ”Yautja”, on Earth known as the Predators. Transforming himself into one of their own, Loki proved to be a worthy warrior and was promised help from the Yautja’s greatest in ridding the earth of the xenomorph plague and defeating SHIELD.

Here we see Loki transformed into a predator trying to prove himself worthy by killing the Alien that grew out of his late brother Thor. Not an easy match, with the alien having the same god-like lighting powers and SHIELD even grafting the hammer “Mjolnir” to the end of its tail.



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